Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project demo available

Arush releases a playable demo for its latest platform action game.


Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

Arush Entertainment has released a free playable demo for Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, its platform action game starring the classic wisecracking action game hero Duke Nukem. The 55MB demo contains the first episode from the full retail game. Players can fight their way through three large areas filled with enemies such as PigCops, FemMechs, and HoverMechs to rescue three dancers and take on a huge boss high over the streets of New York City.

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project was developed by Sunstorm Interactive and released in May. The game lets players guide Duke through a series of 3D levels filled with dancers to rescue and monsters to destroy. For more information, take a look at our full review of the game.

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