Driver 3 stalled until June

Atari decides it needs a little more time under the hood of its high-profile motor-action game.

In a brief release today, Atari announced that it is moving the release date of Driver 3 (aka "Driv3r) from late March to June 1, 2004. “We believe that this additional time will give our marketing team the ability to exploit DRIV3R’s full potential, meeting the high expectations of gamers, media and shareholders,” said Atari CEO and Chairman Bruno Bonnell. The announcement marks the second time the publisher's high-profile driving game has been delayed--originally, it had been scheduled for a Holiday 2003 release.

Developed by Reflections Interactive, Driver 3 is one of Atari's most anticipated releases of the year. Besides being the third installment in a best-selling series--Driver and Driver 2 have moved over 12 million units worldwide--the long-in-development title will also feature some top-flight voice talent, including Michael Madsen and Michelle Rodriguez. When it is finally ready, Driver 3 will be available for Xbox. PlayStation 2, and the PC. The GameCube version was cancelled in September 2003.

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