Dracula X Saturn Slips

Konami's Saturn Symphony of the Night leads the pack of recent Japanese Saturn titles slipping through the cracks.

As the official announcement of Sega's next system looms (rumored to be May 15), the Saturn seems to be taking a bit of a dive. Several anticipated games for the system have gone from having solid release dates to being listed as "to be announced."

Whether the delays are just development problems or a sign that developers are jumping ship from the Saturn is unknown, and there's a chance that these "TBA" games may still be released. As for when, who knows.

Games affected include Densha de Go! (Nihon Flex), Dracula X and Genso Suikoden (Konami), Jinguuji Saburou: Yume no Owarini (Data East), and Psychic Force (Game Bank).

Konami announced the delay of Dracula X just a few weeks before the game's scheduled May 12 release date. Dracula X now has a general date of "summer" on Konami's web page.

Many industry types in Japan believe that Konami has now abandoned Saturn development entirely. Psychic Force, on the other hand, was reportedly complete, but Game Bank has decided not to release the game.

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