Dino Crisis 3 takes hold

New encounters with space dinosaurs await in Capcom's just-released Dino Crisis follow-up.

Capcom has announced the release of the latest game in the bestselling Dino Crisis series. It costs $49.99 and has an "M" ESRB rating.

Dino Crisis 3 marks the series' arrival on the Xbox and takes it to a new, sci-fi setting, aboard the giant spaceship Ozymandius, which has mysteriously headed back toward Earth after disappearing 300 years ago. Players take control of Patrick or Sonya, members of an intergalactic marine expedition, and must explore the massive 3D ship, collecting objects, solving puzzles, and dealing with the dinosaurs on board, while wearing hyper-speed booster packs.

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Dino Crisis 3

Dino Crisis 3