Diablo III: Wrath - Behind the Scenes of the Animated Short

The creator of Aeon Flux joins Blizzard and Titmouse to discuss the impending release of the Diablo short.

If you've visited the official Diablo III launch site, you might have noticed that there are a few items waiting to be unlocked. The final item is Diablo III: Wrath--an animated short developed with the help of Peter Chung, the creator of Aeon Flux. The video above offers a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the short with comments from Peter, as well as Nick Carpenter, Chris Metzen, and James Waugh of Blizzard, and Chris Prynosk, president and owner of Titmouse Inc.

Fans of Diablo III can help unlock Diablo III: Wrath by visiting the launch site and participating in activities, such as creating banners and using various social media tools to share content created by other users. Diablo III is scheduled for release on May 15.

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