DC Internet Users Reach 1 Million

Sega officially announced that Dreamcast Internet users have reached 1 million worldwide.

Sega of Japan on Monday announced that the number of Dreamcast Internet users has reached more than a million worldwide. To break down the figures, Japan has the most with 520,000 users, followed by the United States with 280,000 users, and Europe with 200,000 users. The Dreamcast console is equipped with a modem to access the Internet to receive e-mails, join chat rooms, browse the Web, or play network games.

On average, about 26 percent of the Dreamcast owners worldwide are using the network capabilities. About 31.5 percent of the Japanese users are logged on via the DC, and 18 percent of the US users are logged on, and 30.7 percent of the European users are logged on.

According to Sega of Japan, 3.85 million Dreamcast units have been sold worldwide as of December 1999. In Japan the console sold 1.65 million units, followed by the U.S. with 1.55 million units, and Europe with 650,000 units.

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I think in those days I still connected via dial-up.