Crave makes H2Overdrive official

Crave Entertainment has released further details on its PlayStation 2 boat-racing game.

Crave Entertainment has revealed further information on its upcoming PlayStation 2 powerboat racing game H2Overdrive. In the game, players enter the fictional Global Powerboat Racers League, which features events set in locations ranging from rivers and lakes to the surface of the planet Mars--there are 10 different tracks in all. Additionally, H2Overdrive will feature 10 racers and 10 powerboats, each with its own unique performance characteristics. The seven modes of play included in the game are championship, simple race, duel, survival, checkpoint, ghost, and cat and mouse. The game's multiplayer modes will support two players.

"In the tradition of action-packed arcade racers, we are capturing the speed and excitement of kart racing but in intense and unusual water environments," said Holly Newman, executive vice president at Crave. "The unique atmosphere and various gameplay modes of H2Overdrive will make for fast and furious fun, arriving on the PS2 with a splash."

H2Overdrive is being developed by VisiWare and will be released in Q4 2001.

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