Community News Update: Monday 9/23

It's Monday, which means it's time for Community Producer Synthia to take over the Community News and give the rundown for this weeks events.

Another weekend has gone by, hopefully everyone got to spend some time gaming. After all, a bunch of awesome titles came out last week. Did you pick up anything special?

What to look forward to.

Changes to GameSpot's Community Culture

To say that the events that took place on the site last week were "eye opening" would be an understatement. The community team has seen the writing on the wall for some time now and we are now able to implement many of the changes that are needed to keep this community a safe and great place to be. After all, we're just here to play right?

New GameSpot Beta Invites!

Make sure you're checking you inboxes, a second wave of beta invites for access to the new site will be coming later this week to a lucky group of GameSpotters. If you're interested in taking part in the beta, leave a comment below and you might just get on the list!

Community Spotlight

This week's GameSpot Member Spotlight shines on DraugenCP, a system wars member who recently participated in the Pedal to the Metal podcast (hosted by SWM). Go check it out!

A bit about him: "My name is Jesse, I'm 24 years old, and I chose to register on GameSpot many moons ago. Though my activity initially limited itself to reading articles and posting on the forums, I eventually began writing reviews and articles for the user section. Over the years I've developed my own style, approaching games and industry-related developments in a less conventional, more erudite fashion. I've recently graduated from university and am now looking to start my own company for correcting and translating texts."


There's still time left to participate in our GTAV giveaway. We have four total copies to give away to a few lucky Facebook followers! All you have to do is leave a comment on this photo for your chance to win. What other contests do we have in the works? You'll have to check back in on Wednesday to find out!

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Synthia Weires

Community Producer for GameSpot. Fan of all things gaming, social butterfly, a lover of bacon, MTG, D20's and pie.
Allicrombie moderator moderator

I finally beat the first mission on GTA V.  Go me!


Hi Synthia, I'd very much like to be a part of the GameSpot Beta, thanks.


Also has the shadow warrior key competition had winners drawn yet?


I'd like to be in the beta. Ive been using the site since 1998 (ive had this account since 2007 because that was the last time i completely forgot my login details :-P )


So far the beta is awesome and I recently picked up Sleeping Dogs for the 360 for 20 bucks. I hope everyone here has a great gaming week :)


Hi Synthia,  I would like to participate in the beta please, can I get code if that's cool. 10 year GameSpot dinosaur here :). If not no worry's will enjoy the new site when it comes out.

chicknfeet moderator

I wanna be in the beta! Oh wait...


What was the eye opening event last week? My guess is Carol's GTA V review, but I was too busy watching League of Legends all week. Also, I don't give a damn about GTA V, so I didn't really read it.


Bring me that Beta GS! I accept your challenge! hehe


Excitement in the air!

I hope everything goes smoothly and according to plan once you launch it.

Stevo_the_gamer moderator moderator

Awesome as always. Can't wait to see the new site come into full and completely polished (Hopefully lol) fruition. 

dariency moderator

@chicknfeet Dang, mods get free access to the beta? I wana be a mod now!! Oh wait....

Sefrix moderator moderator

@BenderUnit22 That's the one. Glad you didn't have to see it :P


@Sefrix @BenderUnit22  It was disgusting what people where saying. They brought much shame to this site. Be grateful you didn't have to witness it.