Classic cult JRPG Persona 4 could be coming to PS3

There's always time for Teddie.

Persona 4 Golden

An ESRB listing has suggested that Atlus might be looking to bring its cult JRPG Persona 4 to PS3, perhaps as a PlayStation 2 Classic.

The listing makes no mention of a release date, but does give the game an M rating for its use of blood, partial nudity, and sexual themes.

Persona 4, first released on the PS2 in 2009, is set in the fictional rural town of Inaba, and revolves around a group of teens struggling with the pains of growing up while simultaneously trying to unravel a supernatural murder mystery. We've all been there!

The game was rereleased on the Vita as Persona 4: Golden in 2013.

There's plenty more Persona on the way, too: Atlus will bring Persona 5 to the US in 2015, though so far Persona 5 it's only been announced for the PS3.

Atlus is yet to make a statement about the Persona 4 ESRB listing.

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