Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver goes gold

Bam Entertainment announces that development on its action-packed driving game for the Xbox is complete.


Bam Entertainment has today announced that Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver has gone gold, meaning that the game is complete and is now being prepared to ship to retail.

Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver was developed by South Africa-based I-Imagine, which was the first independent developer in the world to sign up with Microsoft's Incubator Program and is the only licensed Xbox developer on the African continent.

"Chase marks an historic achievement as the first console game developed in South Africa," said Dan Wagner, managing director of I-Imagine Interactive. "Being able to create such a quality game as Chase on such a powerful console as the Xbox has been a dream come true for us. This is an exciting time for I-Imagine."

Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver, which is scheduled for release later this month, will see players assuming the role of a young stuntwoman named Chase Corrada, who gets to perform stunts in all manner of different vehicles in her work on five different movies in the game. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.