Blog Bunker: The Winds of Change

We have some fresh new blogs by amazing bloggers that capture their passions, their opinions, and their gaming.

The Soap Club

GameSpotters with a passion:
"Battlefield 3 Recon Class Guide" By: Hellfire-1
"This Is Why I Remain A Gamefly Member" By: Setho10
"An Open Letter to GameSpot" By: -Saigo-

The World of Games

Games, games, and more games:
"Grim Grinning Ghosts" By: Pierst179
"Update 11/13/11 - It was, and IS all the Rage!" By: Iridescent406
"MW3 First Impressions" By: Bioshockraptor
"Skyrim Impressions" By: auron11022

The Art of Gaming

GameSpotters prove that gaming isn't just a hobby but also an art:
"Living with a Skyrim addict : Day 1" By: Gen_Warbuff
"Now maybe they will believe me!!!" By: Sandpiper121PP
"Greatest Console-Exclusive Game Series (By Sales)" By: YodaOfTheEmpire
"Coupla' Game Recommendations" By: Geeky Dad

Off the Radar

While they might not be gaming related here, we still read some thought-provoking blogs:
"Without Music Who Are We?" By: Kid_Black_Star

Staff Fingerprints

Last but not least, we check out what the staff has been blogging about this week:
"Favorite Recipes?" By: JodyR
"Mine's a large one" By: FearTheCreeper

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Synthia Weires

Community Producer for GameSpot. Fan of all things gaming, social butterfly, a lover of bacon, MTG, D20's and pie.
horgen moderator

"Living with a Skyrim addict: Day 1" by Gen_warbuff is simply great. I wonder how day 2 will be.


Woot! I made the community news!! Congrats on everyone who did, there's some great blogs in here this week!


So who won the Halloween blog activity? I hate to be one of those guys that just goes "hurr, have I won yet?", but I was wondering who, if anyone, won.

DigitalDame moderator moderatorstaff

Two of my favorites were "Now Maybe they will believe me!!" By: Sandpiper121PP and "Living with a Skyrim Addict: Day 1" By: Gen_Warbuff


I've read some of these already, good choices!