BioWare releases Witch's Wake module

BioWare's live content team makes available the first episode in a new story-based Neverwinter Nights module series.

BioWare has announced the release of Witch's Wake Part One: The Fields of Battle, the first episode in a planned series of story-based modules. The Witch's Wake modules are being produced internally at BioWare, but they also use and showcase some of the contributions from the game's mod-making fan community. The series takes place in a dark and haunted world custom-created for the modules. The first episode should have about two or three hours of gameplay.

"The Witch's Wake series is one of many continuing efforts from the BioWare Live Team to ensure the Neverwinter Nights community remains as vibrant as it is," said Jay Watamaniuk, BioWare's community manager.

For more details, and to download the file, take a look at BioWare's Web site for Witch's Wake.

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