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Aussie PS3 owners get a taste of Gameloft's budget online shooter.

Gameloft's well-received Modern Combat: Domination storms the Aussie PlayStation Network Store this week and is available for a modest A$12.95. Borrowing from the likes of Counter-Strike and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Modern Combat: Domination is an online-only first-person shooter featuring all the standard features that players have come to expect.

Other releases on the PlayStation Network Store include Blokus, Dragon's Lair, TestYourself: Psychology, and several PlayStation Classic and PSP Mini titles.

It has been a few quiet weeks across Nintendo's three digital distribution services, but this week sees a change in direction, with the release of a demo for Chick Chick BOOM on WiiWare, Faceez: Monsters! on DSiWare, and Natsume Championship Wrestling for Virtual Console.

Finally, on Xbox Live Arcade, Hard Corps: Uprising arrived on Wednesday. Hard Corps: Uprising marks the first time that a Contra game doesn't feature the franchise prefix, but it's still very much a side-scrolling shooter like the previous games in the series.

For the full list of games out across the various downloadable services, check out the list below:

PlayStation Network Store:
Modern Combat: Domination - A$12.95
Blokus - A$8.45
Dragon's Lair - A$15.95
TestYourself: Psychology - A$4.95
Killzone 3 demo - free
Killzone 3 3D demo - free
Atari Anniversary Edition - A$11.45
Kirimgo - A$4.95
Swap Zone - A$6.95
Zenonia - A$8.45

Xbox Live Arcade:
Hard Corps: Uprising - 1,200 Microsoft points

Virtual Console/DSiWare/WiiWare:
Chick Chick BOOM demo - free
Natsume Championship Wrestling - 900 Nintendo points
Faceez: Monsters! - 200 Nintendo points

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