Atlus cancels unidentified games

Shin Megami Tensei developer scraps several projects--but won't say which ones.

TOKYO--In a statement to investors today, Atlus announced its decision to cancel an unidentified number of games. The company explained that the move is part of its reorganization of its operations and that the games in question were liable to be money-losing projects.

Atlus has not yet disclosed which specific games it has decided to cancel. Games under development by Atlus include Jam Jam Hype! for the GameCube, EX Jinsei Game for the PSP, Touge MAX for the PSP, Shin Megami Tensei DS for the DS, Choro Q DS for the DS, and a new Shin Megami Tensei for the PlayStation 3. It's also possible that Atlus may have scrapped games it hasn't announced yet.

Atlus expects to take a combined loss of 693 million yen ($6.15 million) from both the cancellations and a review of excess inventory. For the current business year, the company is forecasting sales of 23.865 billion yen ($211.7 million) and a net loss of 380 million yen ($3.37 million).

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atlus -if your listening--the megaten games are very much needed in this world of vapid game titles-if you must think only of money so be it-society is to blame-oh well


Say it aint so Atlus! Just keep my Megaten games coming at least....