Asia Shippin' Out: November 29-December 3

Mickey makes a return, while James Bond gets blood out of a stone in this week's releases.

With most of the year's big releases already out the door, this week's list of games released in the region is looking a little light. That doesn't mean there's no quality being shipped, however, with the world's most famous mouse making his long-awaited return to gaming glory. Epic Mickey sees the flagship Disney mascot take a starring role once again and has the plucky little rodent battling evil forces in a world filled with obscure cartoon characters. The game was made by studio Junction Point and famed developer Warren Spector and will be in stores on December 1.

If kid-friendly fare isn't your thing, then superspy James Bond is back with a new adventure titled Blood Stone. The game is an all-new adventure set in the Bond universe and sees the British secret agent go on yet another globe-trotting escapade to foil international terrorists. Made by Bizarre Creations, the game features on-foot and vehicular combat and is due out this week.

To find out what else is out this week,* check out the list below:

James Bond 007: Blood Stone (360, PC)
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predator (PSP)

Epic Mickey (Wii)

*Dates based on confirmed Singapore release.

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I used to love Ghost Recon games so, so much. When will they become must have titles again? God only knows. :(


@riou7 They only showed the first 3 days of December, alot more days left for game releases

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Sad to see only few games coming out on December