Armed and Dangerous off to factory

LucasArts and Planet Moon Studio's loopy actioner goes gold.

A video game about landsharks, a tea-sipping robot, and a bomb that turns the world upside-down? Something weird is coming this way, now Armed and Dangerous has gone gold. LucasArts announced today that their wacky action title has been sent to the factory, and will endanger retail shelves December 2.

Developed by Planet Moon Studio, the mad geniuses behind Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Armed and Dangerous puts a bizarre and original spin on the third-person shooter. As the leader of a group of thieves, players are sent to recover a magic book before an evil king can get his clutches on it. To do so, they must fight their way through a strange world full of creatures so bizarre a news story couldn't do them justice--though GameSpot's preview does a good job.

Armed and Dangerous is rated 'T' for Teen and has an MSRP of $49.99. It is available only on the Xbox and PCs.

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