Activision shows off next-gen visuals

R&D staffers at Call of Duty publisher show off series of images and video depicting what next-generation games could look like.


Today during a GDC panel, Activision technical director Jorge Jimenez offered a glimpse into what next-generation characters could look like.

The developer's technical talk focused on the processes of creating realistic-looking characters without reaching the uncanny valley. Jimenez explained that the product of better visuals will be the capacity to tell stories with greater emotional impact.

The images are the result of years of work, Jimenez explained, though he's not satisfied yet. He said future work needs to focus on creating more realistic hair, teeth, and eyebrows.

In addition, Activision research and development director Javier von der Pahlen showed off a next-gen character animation video during the talk. The video (below) is rendered in real-time on current video card hardware.

The images and video reflect research and development initiatives that Activision is exploring and do not represent actual game assets, the developers said.


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