Activision announces new X-Men fighting game

X-Men: Next Dimension is set to bring Activision's X-Men fighting games to the new generation of consoles.

Activision announced plans to release a new X-Men fighting game for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube. The game, titled X-Men: Next Dimension, is a 3D fighting game under development at Paradox Entertainment, the company responsible for the X-Men: Mutant Academy series as well as the four-player fighter Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style.

Next Dimension's storyline has Bastion, backed by Prime-Sentinels, capturing Forge. Forge's X-Men teammates set out to rescue Forge from the evil humanoid sentinel before Bastion can learn secrets that would allow him to destroy all the mutants. In the process, the X-Men will team up with the Brotherhood of Mutants and their evil leader, Magneto.

Activision has said Next Dimension will feature battles that take place on multitiered, destructible levels. The game will also feature eight-way movement, aerial attacks, and non-arena-based fighting.

X-Men: Next Dimension is scheduled for release on the Xbox, GameCube, and PlayStation 2 during the summer of 2002.

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Cant wait untill this game comes out.