Acclaim Hands-on: Turok: Rage Wars

The first part of our Acclaim hands-on feature, we take a look at the next Turok title for the Nintendo 64.

Acclaim dropped by on Monday to give us a chance to play a few of its titles currently in development. We've split our coverage into sections for each game so as to cut down on confusion and offer you way more screenshots. Part one centers on the highly anticipated Turok: Rage Wars for the Nintendo 64.

The latest Turok title from Acclaim looks to be coming together quite well. The emphasis of the game is centered on its multiplayer options. As with Turok 2, up to four players can play at once, although this time around computer controlled players can be added to the mix. The formula is a well-known one with PC titles such as Quake II and Unreal where players can add virtual opponents called bots to help better one's aiming and combat skills. From its character select screen to its winning character's victory pose, Rage Wars has a distinct fighting game feel. Some of the game's characters include Adon, Turok, Deathguard, and Oblivion (just to name a few). The game will feature 36 maps, weapons from the Turok series and some new weapons: Inflator, Warhammer, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, and Scorpion. Most weapons also feature a secondary fire function giving each one another purpose.

As previously mentioned, Turok: Rage Wars is coming together quite nicely although we'll have to wait and see how the game shapes up for launch. Rage Wars is expected to ship this November.

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