A set of games giving much entertainment ! Much variety and huge amounts of fun!

Lets start with the "Half life 2 series" . Half life 2 is included in this box and is a very good FPS game , it combines challenging puzzles with intense battles , this gives the game a sense of variety and also a chance to appreciate the game itself whilst your not charging around with guns blazing. In my oppinion this makes a brilliant game and i give Halflife 2 9/10

Episode one is also included , this is the follow up to Half life 2 . This game was a relative disapointment when i first played it as it doesnt have as gooder gameplay. The puzzles that were in Episode 1 were not particulary challenging nor were the battles. If you had played Halflife 2 it was also quite predictable what will happen as you move further into the game - This games is the weakest link in the Half Life 2 series and gets a 6/10

Episode 2 is the newest episode and is the main game of the orange box
Yet again it combines puzzle with intense battle , however the story in Episode two becomes a lot more about Gordon Freeman's (The character you play) and Alyx Vance's (A sort of side kick) relationship , as they spend almost the whole game together and Alyx shows her feelings for gordon in many witty and subtle ways. This game is a lot better than Episode 2 and shows promis for the Third episode ! I give this game a 9.5.10

Portal is my favourite game out of this box ! It combines puzzles and humour in a very effective way . The puzzle is placing portals in the right place so that energy balls go into power slots , or making your way across a room with barriers stopping you from walking there. Even placing cubes on pressure pads can be challenging as entity shields vaporise them if you walk through.
The humour is given across by GladOs , who is a robot that speaks to you as you make your way through the game . GladOs says lines such as "If you feel thirsty feel free to pass out" and "Do you remember when you thought i was going to kill you , and you were like NOOOO and i was like haha only joking". These lines that you probably dont find funny now are put into the game effectively and give the game a feel that no other has had!
This is one of the best games i have EVER played so i give it a 10/10

Finally we come to Team Fortress 2 . I have only been waiting 10 years for this game and am glad it is here! This is a fun an light hearted online game with lots of different objective modes. The modes are "Capture point" "Capture the Flag" and "Push modes". These are the one point of this game that let me down . I used to love playing the maps well and badlands(Newly released) with Capture the flag and i feel disapointed that these are now capture point maps. These maps really suited capture the flag and the original TF still gets my vote. However if you are new to TF you wont know any different and may enjoy this . But if you used to play TF you may be disapointed or even happy with this change ! There is also a new Stats system which is great , it gives time played as each class and highest kills gained playing as that class , along with many other stats , this is a really good addition to this game
Overall TF2 is a good game with a few minor floors such as gameplay giltches and unfair classes . I have decided to give this game a 7.5/10

So is it worth buying the Orange box ........... Hell yeah

The games are all good , with only a few criticisms , i would say its well worth it especially for £24.00