By far the worst sequel since Fable 2

User Rating: 1 | Arcania: Gothic 4 PC
Yuck - Just plain Yuck!

Where to start, the story line is pathetic. Without giving away any spoilers its a totally linear story, with no sense of imagination or inspiration, or even consideration for previous gothics. Got so boring i had to will myself to get back into it every hour.

Graphics - the engine/system that the PC comes with did not run well on my computer at all. It felt clunky for no real reason, overall the graphics on OVERLOAD HIGH are really unimpressive.

Due to the obvious bad job the studio did at porting this from xbox none of the Video options are where they should be. My graphics card just doesnt like shadows, and ive never really cared much for them either, so I was forced to run shadows on "low" becuase there is no shadows "off" switch.

No form of Anti-aliasing was supported, which ment while some of the foreground structures could have potentially been nice looking sadly it was masked by there lack of Anti-aliasing which left me squinting.

Customization/Gear - One needs only look at the lack of imagination this studio has by looking at the clothing and weapons of both the main character and most NPCS all of which seems to be shared with no real sense of unique or original ideas which should inspire your character with a sense of HERO.

Could keep writing, very disappointing