If you are looking for a highly strategical game, be ready for Final Fantasy War of the Lions.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (FFTWOTL), isn't the most appealing game in terms of speed. It has a slow pace and a not so easy English that may be a problem for most foreigners.

The battle-system is indeed a turn-based system. Although you have the typical commands, like "attack", "items", "black magic" or "white magic", the battle runs on a scaled map, with elevations and different floor patterns, that you should use as an advantage against your opponent. Archers, for example, attack much more effectively if they are on the top of a cliff and the formation of your battalion is always important to give you a fair advantage. Building up your character's abilities and equipment is essential to improve your battalion. Your battalion is composed of different warriors from different classes: you may chose from Squires, Knights, Wizards, Priests, Summoners, Monks, Lancers, Thieves and Chemists. Every mission that you are assigned requires different formations – the formation and location of your enemy on the map is crucial to obtain victory.

Battles are of great importance, for they are what really "moves on" with the plot. In FFTWOTL you can't be enter a town, talking to persons and entering shops and houses, trying to find a hidden treasure on someone's closet. You are restricted to the provided battles and your map, where you can travel from region to region; You also have a little menu on each town, where you can hire warriors, buy equipment and hear the last rumors on the tavern. There's no big world-player interaction in this game, since you are limited to your warrior's development and your battle techniques. You are restricted to the highly strategic battles and the following cutscenes, which have delicious graphics and wonderfully well constructed dialogues.

FFTWOTL is fun, noble and distinct, and a great remake of the PS title.