Alien vs Predator Requiem is not A terrible Game and hardcore fans will enjoy it.

User Rating: 8.5 | Aliens vs Predator: Requiem PSP
avp requiem was a great movie even many ppl dont this game u play as the lonely hunter the Predator the most coolest alien in the universe.the game is fun but got only one biggest problem its toooo too easy!! u wil rarly got challange and u can heal anytime using just energy that will charge automatic.the coolest thing of the game is that u have a nice arsenal of weapons to use like the plasma caster which can be upgraded with honor pionts that will became two caster,the spear the shuriken and ecc and even the plasma caster wielded as a pistol.u can use vision modes like the predator does in the film.the plot is similar to the film u will have to cancel any proof of the aliens and predator wrecked ship parts placed all over the missions,the graphics are not bad for a psp the predator looks good and u will love killing these nasty aliens but as i said before the game problem is that is too easy but u will have fun playing it if u are a hardcore fan like me of the predator and its technology.

if u like the predator franchise and u like the most coolest alien get this game but its its recomended for hardcore fans otherwise u might be disapionted