X-Men Legends 2 might be an excellent PSP game if would just stop loading for a moment.

Yes, I did copy a Gamespot tag, but there's a good reason behind it. X-Men Legends 2 is the hack and slash RPG that allows you to form a team of the X-Men and Brotherhood to fight Apocalypse, the world's oldest mutant. If you've played any of the PSP's library, you'll notice the gameplay seems strangely familiar. X-Men Legends plays like a hyped up Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade. The differences are the much greater customization of the characters and the ability to form a team rather than be a lone warrior. It uses the same top down perspective and the same sort of map design. All of the mutants (and Juggernaut) not only can be upgraded in their health and power, but what powers they have as well.

The problem with the gameplay isn't the features or any flaws with it, but the horrendous loading times. Everything causes you to stop and take almost a minute to anything. This includes menus as well. The load times are so terrible that I simply couldn't sit down and play the game. While they aren't anything bad when you're playing the game, but anything outside of that will make you want to throw your PSP down in frustration.

The graphics for the game are pretty nice. You can make out all of the little details of the characters and the destructable environments are well made. I was fairly impressed with the graphics.

The sound is a real treat. There are tons of vocals including Patrick Stewart as Professor X. Every character sounds just about right and the interactions you have with each character are different depending on who you are and who you're talking to. The music is very good as well. Booming scores blast in the background and sounds like something out of the movies.

There's quite a few unlockables including extra costumes for your characters. There are pictures, movies, and more to be unlocked along with extra levels to play. Of course, there are more difficulty levels to play.

I could enjoy this game much more if it weren't for the loading times. I just couldn't get into the game. If you're willing to persevere through the horrible load times you'll probably find the game enjoyable, but I simply couldn't deal with it. I really wouldn't recommend this game unless you're a hardcore X-Men fan.

The Good: Nice graphics and excellent sound, lots of unlockables.

The Bad: Terrible load times, gameplay might be repetitive if you've played similar games.