The best 360 exsclisive since Halo 3!

User Rating: 9 | Alan Wake X360
If the platforms I review games for are any indication of what my console prefrence is, i like the PS3 best. But this game made me put down the PS3 contoler and pick up the (oddly shaped) 360 controler, and what I got was one of the best thriller games ever made.

The good: Amazing graphics, combat is fast and intense, Great soundtrack, Story is amazing and engrosing, Contoles are great, you'll want to go out of your way to find every colctible.

The bad: It's on the short side, the plot has some holes and dumb moments, the ending sucks.

(I will try to give away as little of the plot as I can for those who have not played the game yet). Whan alan wake starts up you get a calming tour of a small town, you and your wife are on vacation and everthing seems fine, untill your wife gets kinaped by an unknown force, you have no memory of what happened in the past week, and there are pages of a book lying around that you don't remember writing, that's the plot of alan wake.
When you first get to the action the game seems to be open ended, don't let that fool you, you can walk in any direction you want for a very long time, but you will eventually run into a cliff, gate or something that will block your path. Another thing you'll notice in this game is how good the graphics are, and the lighting and atmosphere is just spectacular. Speaking of light, you'll need ligt to survive, and your puny flashligt won't give you enough ligt to see very far. You mainly need it to fight enamies, but it won't kill tham, you'll need guns for that, though there aren't may guns in the game, the ones you do have are very efective.
As I said before you can stray off the path, and you'll wnat to because that rewards you with ammo, wepons, Radios, T.Vs, and pages of the book. And these colectibles will give you the backstory to the game,a nd you'll want to find every single one.
The soundtrack sets the mood perfectly, radios blast moody lisenced music, and a spectacular scoe underlines the dramatic moments. On an unrelated note (WARNING MILD SPOILER COMING!) in episode 4, there is a scene where you get to fight the darkness on a concert stage and it's AWSOME!!!!! if anyone reading this has played the game plese comment because I wana talk to you about it!
Now this isn't a perfect game, it will only take you about 10 hours to beat, and the plot has some ridicouls holse and huge leaps in logic that can be hard to overlook. And i won't spoli anything, but the ending sucks, and it leaves the door so wide open for a sequal it's ridiculos. But despite these gripes, this is one amzing game and anyone with a 360 should pick it up!