Zubo is a very fun game! One of the best games for DS!

User Rating: 9.5 | Zubo DS
Zubo is a very fun game and if you like fun fights + a little adventure - this is the game for you! The review from Gamespot is quite accurate, so I won't go over the same again. But in 2 ways I disagree very much with the Gamespot review: there's lots of story or I will put in this way: enough story. Maybe not as much story as you would expect from an adventure game, but the adventure part is just a way to get the story going and get to the next fight or meet a new fighter to get on your team. "Quirky objectives" - not if you ask me! What this game is about is the fighting and getting your fighters even better with stronger attacks. You won't get a more fun fighting game for the DS as this. The attacks is maybe the most funny I have ever seen in a computer game. LOL! The multiplayer fights (playing against friends) also work very well. The only flaw as I see it, is getting around which you can, but that could have been done much smoother. Hurry and get this game - it won't disappoint you and you will have lots of fun (..or you have no humour at all!). Almost perfect and one of the best DS games yet!