Get ready for a wet expansion

User Rating: 6 | Zoo Tycoon 2: Marine Mania PC
As the title suggests, the game expansion allows you to have trained animals for shows. You can have Orcas and Dolphins and train them using a minigame to make them learn new tricks. Alternatively you can hire a trainer and let him/her do all the work for you. Once you have trained an animal, you can use it for shows. All you need is a tank (no not the world war one, I am talking about the pool tank one). Add a few features to the tank and voila your tank is ready. Add an adjacent pool where you can keep your animals when they are not in the show. Add a gate between the pool and the tank. And then use the show creator to create a show where the fishes and mammals show their skills off. You can have a stand in front of the tank, where the guests can enjoy their show. You can also have laser shows and show your skills at creating laser shows as well. A good expansion for a good game.