Addictive and fun until the bugs and repeatativness take over.

User Rating: 6 | Zoo Tycoon 2 PC
This game starts off very fun. You build and construct your zoo. You make different habitats for different types of animals (ice area for penguins and polar bears). You then place your animals, place various objects around the zoo to get people to come and to get them interested. There are many objects to place and many animals to put in your zoo. As you progress and complete tasks, you unlock more animals and objects. Your progress, and your finances are all recorded. Watching the animals interact with each other and the people interact with the animals and objects is very fun, and amuzing at times.

The game has its problems though. The graphics rezolution is somewhat low for a modern PC game, the music is VERY repeatative (there are around 3 music tracks in the game!). The game is also buggy. Once you get your zoo going, you will start to get many error messages. For instance, a zoo keeper of mine could not get to an object that was right in front of him, no matter how much I move it around. That brings me to the AI. The AI of the zoo keepers is absolutely awful. You have the option to manually take control of a zoo keeper, but one human person can't run the whole zoo, you have to rely on the zoo keepers, and they are unrealiable. The user interface is also not perfect. Once you are done building your zoo, there is not much else to do. Once you are done building your zoo, there is not much else to do. You make money, and your animals mate and have babies. That is about it. Oh, and they mate A LOT. It even gets out of control sometimes how many babies they have, you will find yourself giving away animals for adoption, quite a bit. You will also find yourself having to pause the game, to keep up with all of this.

Overall, this is a decent and fun game, especially if you like animals. It gets buggy though, and if you are a hardcore simulation game fan, there are many games out there, that are much better (The Sims 2, Black and White 2).