fun for the first few hours but otherwise repetetive.

User Rating: 7.6 | Zoo Tycoon 2 PC
zoo tycoon 2 has enw features from the past ones such as the mode where you can walk around and clean up poop and see things through a persons eyes, thats all well done but otherwise, thers not much here. there are just some more animals to choose from, more targets to score and well... thats it. you can play a sandbox game or the campaign. the campaign i think is very boring but the sandbox is quite fun. that will keep you occupied. after youve played the tutorial, you can build your own zoo and thats it. you just make it better, make sure your animals are happy and alive. this game is better than the one before, but otherwise its not all that good. if youre a big fan of these types of games, then this is worth playing.