Very good, bright graphics, fun for adults and kids alike.

User Rating: 8.4 | Zoo Keeper DS
I enjoy light games on the PC and on my hand helds. This is a very good Bejeweled clone that is much more portable than its counterparts on PDA's or cell phones - better than PDA's for the graphics and battery life and better than cell phones for the controls (touch screen beats numeric pad any day). I don't pack my Pocket PC with me all the time - but if I plan to play any games I always have my DS or GBA handy - this game makes the DS indispensable when you need a quick fix.

If you like to have something at hand while waiting for a movie to start or just to kill 5 minutes during a slow period of work - or for any reason (car ride for the kids?) you could do a lot worse than Zoo Keeper.