Get ready to gather alot of MONKEYS and what not!

User Rating: 9 | Zoo Keeper DS
hmmm, i remember paying $20 for this game back then. Never really played it but lately i cracked this case open and played. I played and played for hours.

There are several modes in this game, Zoo keeper, Tokoton 100, time attack, quest and 2 P battle. I've never played multiplayer in this game but would expect it to be basically the same as single player! Basically you have to get 3 animals of the same kind in a row. That's all this game is. Boy is it fun! I just love racking up those combos, hearing these awesome sounds. Points, i love points.

Yes, it is to my knowledge that this is a bejeweled clone. I've never played bejeweled so i really dont care if it's a clone or a rip off. Im happy playing this game wherever i go.

Yeah, its a good game for short bursts of time. I would never play this for 10 hours straight but its a nice game to play in between pc games or console games. I recommend this game to anyone who likes puzzle games or the bejeweled series. You can probably find this game really cheap now. Go out and buy it!