A bejeweled rip-off thats totally worth it.

User Rating: 8 | Zoo Keeper DS
When I went to buy this game oh so long ago I was a bit skeptical about it. It didn't appear to have to much to it and I wasn't sure if it would be worth my money. Luckily I got to try it out before I played it and I was instantly hooked.

If you've played bejeweled you've played zookeeper. Just replace the jewels with some totally sweet animals and the concept is the same. For those of you who aren't familar on the screen you'll have an assortment of various animals and you can swap them one at a time with one that is either to the left, right, top, or bottom. You must make a row of 3 (or more) during the swap for them to dissapear or else they go back to where they started. A timer is constantly ticking and everytime you delete some (or capture the animals in this case) you'll gain a bit of time. The more big combos you do the more points you get.

Simple and fun. Thats probably the best way to describe this game. There are a few different modes to it. A mission style mode gives you certain objectives that you must pass to move on, its so-so. The main mode starts you at collecting 3 of each kind of animal then everytime you "level up" you must collect one more than the last level to move on. Also, there is a mode where you must get 100 of each kind of animal to gain levels, which is pretty fun. If your into multiplayer you can battle against your buddies (with or without a second ZK cartridge). In that mode as you score combos you'll deplete there time and vice versa. There are also some fun items in that mode.

If your into puzzle games for the DS this one is definitly a worthwhile buy especially at its current bargain price. The music is outstanding to; you're never going to want to play it with the sound off. Once you start up on this game there's a good chance you'll be very addicted very quickly so pick it up and get going.