Puzzle Perfect

User Rating: 8.1 | Zoo Keeper DS
Forget all the other reviews on this game. forget your average stereotype of puzzlegames. forget the cutesy case cover and animal zoo type drawings. This game may just quite be one of the best puzzle games out for the DS thus far. It delivers a story (Less than 3 sentences) which i believe most puzzle games need (A crappy story!) and several game modes, which is essential for a killer PG. Plus, the number one ingredient: addictive gameplay. Absolutely Zoo Keeper delivers all this into one great package, and will get you along when you are bored or even occupied. Although the sound is not appreciative at all (Boops and beeps) the graphics are well pixelated with a retro-feel, and the gameplay is easy to learn in under 10 minutes max. Turn on your DS, push Zoo keeper, and play instantly no loading, just play. If you want a great puzzle game that is addicting, challenging, and just plain right for the genre, buy Zoo Keeper, it's worth the money.