Zoo Keeper is basically Bejewled with animals with a short story mode and enough other modes to keep you occupied.

User Rating: 8.1 | Zoo Keeper DS
The average person has probably heard of the game Bejewled. You have a square grid with diamonds and you have to shuffle the diamonds around to get three or more in a row. In other words its kind of like Tetris without falling blocks in the sense that you are stacking blocks. But Zoo Keeper has something that makes it very different from Bejewled it that instead of using shiny diamonds you take the place of a guy who has no name that works at the Zoo and you have to get three or more animals of different species such as lions, bears, pandas, and monkeys. There are four modes you can choose from you can do the standard mode where you have to capture a certain ammount of each animal. There is also the Tokoton 100 mode where you have to capture 100 of a certain animal to beat the level. If you don't want to do any of those two there is also the short story mode where you will be given 10 small tasks the better you do on these tasks the more points you get. And there is also a Vs. Mode where you can battle a friend which is quite fun. The graphics are very simple and cartoony but good. The sound is good too there are little animal noises in the background. Zoo Keeper is a great Bejewled clone that replaces diamonds with animals so if you can find a copy I suggest that you check this great game out.