Zoo Keeper is really fun!

User Rating: 8 | Zoo Keeper DS
Pros: Time attack mode offers some fun fast game sessions. High scores keep you wanting to beat your best score. Addictive.

Contras: Multiplayer isn't as fun as the single player game.

Zoo Keeper is a very well done Bejeweled clone. You've probably played Bejeweled before. It's a puzzle game about matching 3 or more of the same blocks to delete them by moving only one block in any direction. Once you erase a set of blocks, more blocks come down to fill in for them. That's the basic idea.

There's also a timer. You can refill the timer by erasing blocks though, except in time attack mode, and once the timer ends, you lose.

The blocks here are shaped like animals. Supposedly, when you erase blocks you "catch" that animals and there are different types of animals which represent the different types of blocks.

There are 5 different game modes: Normal mode where you catch a certain number of each animal to advance a level. After twenty levels, you get the story and the credits. However, it must be done in the normal difficulty, because the first time I did it I was in hard mode and got no story, levels just kept going.
There is also Tokoton 100 where you catch 100 of a certain animal, and then proceed to the next level. The number of animals you've caught keeps going on every level, so if for example you caught 99 giraffes and 100 lions, the lions reset to 0 in level 2, but the giraffes are still 99, so you can rush through levels.

Another mode is Quest mode, which isn't my favorite, it's just about doing some tasks like capture certain animals or drop a block to the bottom. You earn points by completing tasks and also earn or lose points with a roulette, so it can be hard to get a high score if luck isn't on your side when the roulette spins. There are only 10 tasks.

Then we have Time attack mode, which is just 6 minutes of gameplay to try to get the highest score.

And last we have the Multiplayer mode, which I didn't find too fun.

Graphics: The graphics are kind of cutish animal designs and they fit the game pretty well.

Difficulty: There are 2 difficulty levels. While in normal, the game's pretty easy, in hard it offers some challenge and after level 20, the game gets extremely hard and the timer decreases way too fast.

Addiction: What makes it addictive is trying to beat high scores and while I doubt you will play the game for more than an hour a day, you may play it every day.

Gameplay: The gameplay is perfect. The stylus controls work just so perfectly with this game that you'll just have to move your stylus easily, and you'll eventually forget you're even using a stylus because the gameplay works so naturally.

Replay Value: The replay value is also great. I'm not the high score kind of guy, but with this game, you'll want to beat the scores every once in a while, so it never really gets tedious or boring.

Variety: The game has good variety in its modes, so you won't get bored so easily.

Music/Sound: The music is pretty good. The game offers a lot of sound effects and music which fit the game perfectly. While it does get repetitive, it's never annoying or anything. There's also some voice acting which, while it doesn't change the game a lot because it only says things like "select a mode" or "you win!", is appreciated.

Story: The game has an odd story to be honest, something you wouldn't think of coming from this game. I mean it's not THAT odd, but I didn't see it coming. It's not memorable or anything, though.

Multiplayer: The multiplayer was the least fun part of the game in my opinion. The game finishes really fast and even though it has powerups, the games are too short to make good use of them, so I think it's the game's only bad aspect.

In conclusion, Zoo Keeper is a great game for when you're waiting for something with its time attack mode being really fast, and it also offers some healthy challenge that most games lately can't offer and I totally recommend it.

Graphics: 8/10
Difficulty: 9/10
Addiction: 9/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Replay Value: 9/10
Variety: 9/10
Music/Sound: 10/10
Story: 6/10
Multiplayer: 6/10