Zoo Keeper has all the right stuff to be a good puzzler, and a good puzzler it is!

User Rating: 8.9 | Zoo Keeper DS
First of all, I have been playing Zoo Keeper (On and Off) for the past year and a half or so, making it one of the most played games in my entire collection. The word addictive springs to mind, but the word I will use is 'Unputdownable.'

Sure, it's just like several other puzzlers, but is there anything else that the puzzle market can do? Zoo Keeper thought, we'll put really cool, random looking animals in a simple yet addictive game. And it worked...

It's one of those games you can just 'Pick-up and play'. You know, Pickupandplayable. You just use the DS's touch screen to swap around the animals heads on the screen, to make a 3 in a row pattern. There's always one on the screen, and if not, it just resets the animals heads. Just to mention that the top Screen the 'Lucky Animal' that double your points you get and does the funkiest dance when you score its heads!!!

If you get stuck, the 3 help buttons at the right of the touch screen help enormously. They may be needed if you are to keep your timer up. Everytime you score a combo, your green bar timer goes up a little, but you'll soon be stringing along giant patterns, so the timer is not an issue. The games content is a little on the light side, with only a few modes, Standard, Tokoton (Endless), Mission, Time Trial and Multiplayer. Time Trial is the one you'll be playing, using all of your crazy stratiegies to rack up the points. Standard is just the same as Time trial, except it only ends when you reach level 20, which should take a fair while.

Tokoton just goes on forever and ever, leveling up when you get 100 (Yes that many) of one of the animals heads. Multiplayer delivers no real thrills, without Wi-Fi, but nevertheless, you should try it out. Mission mode is a fresh idea, but some missions can be EXTREMELY annoying and take up to 10 minutes to do. And even when you do them, it halfs your score because you took so long.

Overall, if your a puzzle fan, Zoo Keeper is probably a game you should consider buying. It's only £20.00 (Probably cheaper now and in a bargain bin near you) but there is plenty of reasons why you should play this game, thought there are only a few sounds waiting for you, each very annoying. The Monkey, Panda, Giraffe, Hippo, Elephant, Frog, Lion and Bunny's are all waiting for you! Buy Zoo Keeper!!!