Please give us calssic Bejeweled!!!

User Rating: 5.3 | Zoo Keeper DS
Bejeweled is probably the most addictive game I've ever played in my life. Weather it was the beautiful music or the simplicity of the game I'll never know. All I know is that when I found out that my favourite puzzle game came to the DS I was thrilled. I was also disapointed.

At first glance, Zoo Keeper come off as a kiddy game. All you do is swap animal heads to make rowas of 3 or more. This is all you do in bejeweled. Unfortunately my favourite parts of the game were lost in thes version.

In the original game, you had no time limit. The game ended when there were no more moves left. In Zoo Keeper, the game gives you bonus points when you run out of moves, and ends when you run out of time. The time limit is really annoying.

Also, when you are playing in the classic mode, you change levels far too often. As soon as you've set up a huge chain combo, the level changes. It seems to happen about every 20 moves. It should take atleast twice as long to complete a level.

Quest mode is a nice change of pace, but it is full of problems.
In it, you have to complete some tasks like capture 20 lions and catch as few other animals as possible. So you see your screen, and you get really frustrated because there are no possible moves with lions! You can just say good bye to your score. The other puzzels have the same type of problem.

The sound and graphics are awful. The graphics are very blocky (the animations on the top screen) and the music is pitiful.

I would only expect to hear this king of music on a Gameboy Colour, but not a DS. It is very repetitive and sounds muffeled and scratchy.

If you already have Bejeweled on your cell or PC, just skipp Zoo Keeper. You have a much better version of the game.