Who would have thought that such a basic idea could be so addictive...

User Rating: 7 | Zoo Keeper DS
In the game you are given the job as a zoo keeper and you must get all the animals which are mixed together, back with their own animal type.
To achieve this you must get out your stylus, tap an animal portrait to alert it then tap another to get them to switch position. You must do this repeatedly in order to get 3 or more animals of the same type in a row. Once you have achieved this, they will disappear and you must do the same thing until there are no more animals on the screen.
You will then proceed to the next level and then do the same routine continuously!
It is a very linear and rather dull game idea but once you begin, you are hooked!

I would recommend this game to anyone who likes simple but fun games.
This isn't the most innovative game ever but it works quite well, makes good use of the stylus and delivers as a good ds game.

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