An addicting time-waster for $19.99.

User Rating: 7.5 | Zoo Keeper DS
Zoo Keeper is a hard game to quantify - review scores don't seem to mean much for this game. Luckily, purchasing this game is an easy enough decision. If you've ever played Bejeweled (and who hasn't?) and you wouldn't mind dishing out $20 for an expanded, multiplayer, portable and touch-screen version, then here's your chance.

The game is delightfully simple - a fact that rightly or wrongly seems to prevent this game from achieving a higher score. It is ridiculous to explain the gameplay here; playing the game in its Flash form - or at least its predecessor, Bejeweled by PopCap - should be a prerequisite for purchase. It is important to note that although Zoo Keeper on the DS offers up a number of different modes, none are especially more entertaining than the original.

So how does the original gameplay translate to the DS? Its a perfect match. The art is simple enough, but visually entertaining and cleanly displayed. The dual screens are used with little innovation, but the gameplay involved does not easily lend itself to two screens. The touch-screen controls are another manner entirely; after playing Zoo Keeper on the DS, it's hard to imagine controlling the game with a D-pad or analog stick. The stylus is simply a natural fit.

It's common knowledge that the Bejeweled formula works, and it should come as no surprise that it is a great candidate for portability. Its most prominent feature - the ability to hook gamers and non-gamers alike for hours on end - is very handy for those lengthy flights or other long waits when time-wasting is key. And, like any great puzzle game, you'll have a blast earning a high score along the way.