a bejewelled rip-off, with a slight twist

User Rating: 7.8 | Zoo Keeper DS
Zoo Keeper is basically your typical bejewelled game - with Animals thrown into the fray.

it takes the well known and well liked bejewelled formula and adds another gameplay twist / factor of capturing certain types of animals a certain number of times.

so instead of your typical "match three in a row as many times as possible till time runs out" solution, Zoo Keeper forces you the look for a particular gem (in this case animal) and to focus on it for more points and for the advancement of levels.

the other thing that Zoo Keeper has that makes it a little more unique then other similiar type games is its quest mode. its hard, very hard, but it keeps you coming back for more just to be able to finish it successfully and get your name on the high score sheet.

apart from this, dont be expecting anything else different from other bejewelled like games.