A decent timewater that's good for kids and beginners, but doesn't offer much to the experienced gamer.

User Rating: 7.5 | Zoo Keeper DS
I bought this for $15 at Target, and I'm definitely not complaining about the price, though I probably would not pay more for it. It's a simple game with various different modes. Essentially, you can play forever or you can have a time limit. The multiplayer can be fun, too, though it's kind of unforunate that it's only for two players. It's definitely not a new game concept, but the graphics are cute and it makes great use of the touch screen and feels quite natural. The stylus makes it easy to make matches while the animals are in movement, which I always try to do to make the game a little more challenging as that it's pretty easy. I kind of wish that the clock started draining faster a little sooner into the game, because you can go on and on for thirty minutes... an hour... for way too long without ever losing, and it's not quite a Tetris. Overall, it's a fun game that I pull out every once in awhile when I'm in the mood. I could see this being a good game for a child or a beginning gamer. Having young nieces and nephews, it's always nice to have a game around that they can play without totally failing -- good confidience boost!