As a ZOE Fan, I had to grab this ignoring all the reviews and I'm enjoying the hell out of it, but framerate does drop.

User Rating: 7 | Zone of the Enders HD Collection X360
Back on PS2, I loved the ZOE franchise. The first game in the series was a complete mess (everything sucked but music and gameplay) and I hated it with a passion, but it set the scene for the sequel which was better than the original in almost every aspect (funny how sequels nowadays go in the opposite direction). Having both games in one was a plus, as was the added EX Missions for the 2nd Runner (normally seen on the EU and JP versions of the game) means that you always had a little something extra to do after you wailed through both games.

Gameplay: Still the same frantic and fast-paced Gundam Wing Meets DBZ style combat (hack and slash at super speed mach 5 :O, and there's a move in the 2nd Runner called "Zero Shift" that's literally like Instant Transmission from DBZ). The first ZOE runs at a nice 60 FPS with barely any jitters except for those odd one or two moments where you'll see it dip but recover almost instantly. The 2nd Runner however DOES NOT run at 60FPS (I believe it runs at 45 FPS and it was a stupid decision as the effects and graphics are almost 5x better than the first) and you'll notice constant framerate drops which gets annoying really fast especially when you have a group of enemies and you're in a confined space (think of the first time you enter the BAHRAM ship after the very lame mining scene and first boss battle). Don't expect any extras for ZOE 1 unless you're an achievement maniac and want to 100% complete it, then you can look at 2 playthroughs. For the 2nd Runner, again for those completionists you'll probably run through the game 3 times to get everything. Other than the small EX Missions, nothing extra comes with this bundle, and they didn't even add in a multiplayer for the versus (WHY!?).

Story: Nothing new here, if you've played the series you know what to expect. For new comers to the franchise: the best way I can possibly summarize this is just think Gundam Wing but with different characters (civil war, turmoil, unrest and big ass fighting robots). However, one downside is the story is extremely short and you can beat the first ZOE in about 3-4 hours, with the 2nd Runner being about 6-8.

Sound: Sound is fantastic and haven't noticed any sudden drops, high pitches, so on and so forth. The soundtrack is great for both games and sets a nice emotional tone, but lame voice acting tears apart that immersion almost instantly. Still nice to hear the melodies though! :D

Graphics: Have been improved from their PS2 counterparts. They improved what counts (player models, some enviornment aspects, effects) but to me it falls short of the quality we saw in the MGS HD Collection.

Final Verdict: 7/10. Where the game is fun as hell and is a great trip down memory lane, the framerate drops for the 2nd Runner (Best of the 2) and overall stupid design choices (not adding MP for Versus or any additional content aside from "Ex" missions) keep this game from being as awesome as it should've been. The extra content and MGS demo were worth it in my opinion as I'll be spending about 30 hours over the course of both games trying to get everything (I am a completionist). For those who aren't like me however, save your money because $40 for this WILL NOT be worth it if you plan on playing the story for each game only once.

Side Note: Running the ZOE HD Collection off my 360 Hard Drive.