Great game after all these years. Somewhat repetitive yes, but you'll end up craving more.

User Rating: 8.5 | Zone of the Enders HD Collection PS3
Okey I have no idea what gamespot is whinning about this game. The game has been fluid, great control. Don't expect anything more then a mildly graphical revamp though. Still I can really reccomend it for people who haven't played the originals. People who did play the originals, you know excactly what your getting yourselves into.

Firstly of all the controls are just great. It's easy to pull off amazing stunts/combat moves. And for some reason you hardly end up doing unintended things. Yet the game itself despite of this still feels like challenging.

The music is defintly not my taste and I think it is noone's taste but they accomadate the game greatly and sort of grow in on you. Hard to describe

The graphics are outdated, yes they are smooth and HD but thats pretty much about it.

The price is sort of steap for the effort that the developer has put into it if you ask me. Yet it turned out that Zone of Enders especialy second runner had very little supply for a high demand. So for a lot of people this is your 2nd chance to get actualy get the game.

In any case do you like fast paced action piloting giant robots and maybe a bit of anime this game is great