What kind of gameplay is this?

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Im curious about the game, but I dont want to go out and buy it without knowing something about the gameplay. Ive read about the storyline a bit, now I need to know what the game is, a fighter or Dynasty warriors or wathave you

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I've played both games and it's not a Dynasty type game. Yeah, you fight multiple enemies, but not on a Dynasty scale. Also, enemies appear in fixed numbers in an area. Once you beat them, you move into the next area where the next group us waiting. What sells ZOE is the design and combat. I like mecha games and nothing is really similar. The battles are fast, there are a lot of shiny effects (I played the PS2 version ZOE2 a few months back, and it can still compete with some of today's games for the current consoles). For the battle, watch some youtube videos fro the most accurate info. The games are GREAT, and there is only one downside in my opinion, both games are very short (4-5 hours per game, and that's on your first play-through).

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Why can't you just youtube Zone of the Enders Gameplay?

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It's a third person shooter. If you played Virtual On Cyber Troopers, then this is close to it.