my review for this very weak and awful game

User Rating: 3.5 | ZombiU WIIU
i am gonna make it simple
terrible sometimes unresponsive controls which get you killed more often than you want.
like for example using L3 to sprint and finding on your 2-3 press you are killed.
a crap load of backtracking to save the developers imagination and effort, god awful controls when shooting and when there is a corpse near a door the context sensitive button is unresponsive, when you go to collect your old gear from your last survivor and if you get killed before killing the now-infected survivor you will lose your gear including weapons, i think it's a bug truly immersion breaking and frustrating.
the characters in the game are totally free of personality and thus give you no handle on them. the storyline is bland i might as well watch grass grow, it's all the backtracking for me, and the fact that just randomly respawn which gives you no incentive to hunt them down in the first place, you cricket bat gets truly repetitive.
and when you have two zombies in your vicinity and you give one the final strike you go through a computer-controlled animation and with so many games you are briefly invunerable to any damage, not in this game your not. i understand they are trying to immerse you in the experience of survival horror, but this game does it in such a pathetic, frustrating manner.
and the graphics are utterly bland simple textures and void of any colour and effort, and the underground parts near the manholes are pretty much copy and paste. just a appaling experience all round.
i'm just glad i rented it and not supported the developer/publisher on this one.