ZombiU is a great addition to the survival horror library.

User Rating: 8 | ZombiU WIIU
The current review on GS lists some of ZombiU's best parts as some of its best. "Your ability to run is limited" is one of the first comments that Maxwell McGee says about this game is his review. However, this isn't a bad thing at all, the idea of ZombiU is to emulate a true zombie environment. Doesn't this factor just add to the realism of the game?
"Heavy emphasis on dull melee combat" this statement has some amount of truth to it, however if you do even a tiny amount of exploration during the missiosn in this game you will pretty much be able to have full ammunition for a lot of the game and a huge variation of weapons. Although it gets a little repetitive, the melee combat in this game adds to the immersion and realism of this game.

"Wii U gamepad adds little and hurts immersion." I found this statement the worst of them all. The WiiU gamepad utilization isn't there as a gimmick. It simulates one of the most realistic things that are lacking from most games.
In most games, when you want to look at your inventory everything around you will freeze and you will be safe, allowing a quick break for the action to change weapons or heal. However in ZombiU whenever you are looking in your bag or picking a lock, the game keeps moving and your attention is bought to the gamepad making you very vulnerable when doing these actions and adding to the 'trapped' feel of the game.

I think that the problem with this game is that it is misunderstood by the players. People are used to fast paced action, rambo-ing zombie games, being able to run into huge amounts of zombies with ease. This game gives players something that they're not used to; survival horror.