Not bad. Game pad thrills

User Rating: 7.5 | ZombiU WIIU
This is a good game with quite a few things about the gamepad to immerse yourself with, as the back of the box summarizes! I have only played the easy setting (there's 2) and died over 30 times. The game is "go to this zone, complete the objectives, while killing things on your way to the objective if you want to." Pretty much like most games these days. There's no bosses, but there are zombies that are stronger than others. The benefits of killing zombies is that they might carry loot, and you can confirm whether they do or not with your scanning device to speed up the game and not kill something you may not need to. You can also scan your environment so you don't have to search every little thing to find useful items. It was a solid game, and might be the perfect game if you like a bit of suspense and is able to turn the volume way up to get some loud zombie screams and other unexpected sounds.