User Rating: 7 | ZombiU WIIU
I've played it repeatedly. Over and over. I suck at the bat. Six and above head shots to kill nothing yet now I know why I hate it but refuse to stop playing: I lived there for ten years. I love that city. I graduated with honors from the University of Glasgow and having a Lancashire husband we went through London all the time. It breaks my heart . What I do now and who I am and what I've been able to do I credit to the education system in that country. It's no cake walk I promise. It was truly f-ing hard. They are serious. No extracurricular,; no fraternity or sorority clubs; no sports; and by the end of first year-regardless of final grades you respect the hell out of it. I only got into law school because I graduated in the top 10% of one of the top 100 universities in the world I'm certain. Sentimental no doubt. And yet oh my God how I suck at making it through this Zombie shit. Planning is time waster. Panic will end in certain death. My only advise, having committed to keep trying until I'm done with this game is: ignore the graphics, they are wonderful, but if you've never been to London it can get quite distracting I've done it-"oh look, I remember those" and "hey holds shit I'm on the Tower of London"! When we didn't have time to wait in line.- and suddenly a Zombie is eating my head. Ignore the marvel; do not heavily plan, carry what appears to be the most practical and utilize caution but do not assume an exit or victory. I've decided its a lot like the worst two week of final testing in education I've ever encountered. The US has a lot of catching up. Prepare for everything without overwhelming your ability to remember, learn from your mistakes, forget all prior zombie games ever played - the rules do not apply, and pray you get lucky. It's skill, ability, and I remember to this day (thank god the essay questions are the ones I know the best). End of end it's pretty much the same actually; British (Scottish) university for four years; I hated it for being fear constantly of blowing it and yet I loved it, admired it, was terrified of it, and still forced myself to go, and try and work- even in the face of certain doom. So, keep at it. Even in the face of certain doom-which appears around every corner.