Any Reason to continue trying to play?

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I had died on the roof when the helicopter was trying to rescue me. After dieing the helicopter was attacked by birds and crashed. When I respawned I died again. Now my first corpse/zombie is gone. All of my guns were in the first zombie. Should I even bother trying to continue to play with no guns or can you find them over again or should I just start over?

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The game is fun enough that replaying it (trying to get to the same spot you reached before you last death without actually dying) as a sort of speed run is fun, especially because you know what to expect up to that part and it should allow you to experiment more, or hone what you already know.

If you die, and then die again before reaching your backpack, you can still get all of your weapons back by using the CCTV.  They will eventually randomly respawn at various locations.

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That's definitely the most frustrating part of the game -- you can easily lose all of your stuff because you failed to kill and loot your old self before dying. Since you typically die in the middle of a bunch of zombies, and restart with six bullets and no medkits or anything else, the chances of you dying again before retrieving your items is pretty high. Sometimes you end up getting it all back and more in short order, but other times you can get caught in a cycle where it just makes more sense to start over. I don't mind horribly, since the game is really engrossing, but it strikes me as a pretty serious design flaw.

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Even if you die before getting your stuff back from your previouis character, you can still randomly find that zombie in the same loation at a later time. That happened to me a few times in my playthrough. To answer the topic, yes you should still continue playing, I've found different guns that I lost a few times too.

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no it's a terribly weak and awful game it's shockingly s**t!