I disagree with Gamespots review. This game is a good time and great for those zombie lovers out there.

User Rating: 7.5 | Zombie Wranglers X360
Alot of people have mixed reviews about this game. Why? This game is just pure fun! You play as 4 younge kids called 'Zombie Wranglers.' Imployed by this company to hunt down the many zombies in the area. You go through a number of leavels with clever names like 'The Davin chi zombie.' Based from the Davin chi code where you must gather pages of a secret book, or 'How I met your zombie.' Based off of How I met your mother.

Yes, this game has problems. A number of them actually, but that doesn't hold it down. There are some problems with the controls, like they are unresponsive and the game cheats. Alot. Their are some tiny graphical issues that I saw, but it didn't mess up the gameplay.

Like I said, I disagree with the gamespot review, but I have to agree on some faults. other then that, this game is a blast and a must play.